The Return of Jesus Christ, canvas print

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This is my rendition of the Second Coming of Christ.

For this painting I felt like God gave me a vision of what I should paint. In Revelations 19:11-16 it describes Jesus' return to earth as the Battle of Armageddon is about to take place where He rescues the Nation of Israel and defeats the enemies of God. He came the first time as a suffering servant, a sacrificial lamb who took the place of all mankind when He was slaughtered on the cross. The next time He comes, it will be as a conquering king who will wipe out the enemies of God and set up His Kingdom on Earth.

In the scripture Jesus is coming in the clouds riding a white horse and is wearing a robe dipped in blood. He has the words Lord of Lords and King of Kings on his robe and his thigh. He also is wearing many crowns with a sharp sword in his mouth. I gave Him one simple crown that could be worn into battle and put the sword which is a symbol for the Word of God, in His hand. I wrote his title on his trousers. His army is all dressed in white linen and also riding white horses.

This print comes in 5 sizes:   10 x 16"    edition of 300 prints

                                          12 x 20"    edition of 200 prints

                                          18 x 30"    edition of 150 prints

                                          24 x 40"    edition of 100 prints

                                          30 x 50"    Gallerywrap, no need to frame  

                                                           edition of 50 prints

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