On this page are videos of myself with a horse racing theme and some of my art videos.

The video is my latest horse painting video. The original is for sale and you can also purchase prints. It's called "Faithful and True".

Click HERE to see the original. HERE for the prints. 





ChappyShowcase Presents a no nonesence piece showcasing the dangers of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Jockeys take the mount with Nerves of Steel in every race. This is a video that our son, Matt put together a few years back. Included are racing clips of races and spills and interviews with me and other riders. Parts can be very graphic so be warned.

The following video is one that our son, Matt, filmed of me painting the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a time-lapse painting and fun to watch. 

The next video is one that Matt filmed of me painting my in-laws dogs. 


 To view more videos of my work, click on the YouTube button below:



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