Legends on Tour, 2008 - horseracing giclee canvas print

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This piece commemorates the Legends on Tour, 2008.

 Below are Tom’s thoughts on the painting:

I try to have a witty sense of humor with my art and I believe this piece shows it. I thought of the old Del Mar Rocking Chair Derby when I first contemplated doing this painting. This was a race held every year where retired jockeys would ride one race and the winner would get to sit in a rocking chair in the Winner’s Circle with a wreath around his neck and the other jockeys gathered around him for a photo. The jockeys who are competing are retired but not ready for rocking chairs yet. I wanted to make it a fun, humorous painting so I decided to use rocking horses instead. I then decided to incorporate the jockeys’ current interests in the painting. For example, Jacinto Vaquez loves to play golf so he is wearing a golf hat and carrying a club. Pat Day is an evangelist for the Racetrack Chaplains of American and is carrying a Bible. Angel Cordero Jr. loves to play cards so I’ve painted a joker on his cap and card suits on the sleeves. Chris McCarron launched and runs the North American Racing Academy so I’ve put him in a cap and gown. Julie Krone is now performing as a Hawaiian pu'au rider so she has a beautiful flowing gown and flower leis. Sandy Hawley’s passion has always been hockey. He is holding a hockey stick and wearing hockey pants and skates. Jorge Velasquez decided not to compete, but provided me with a photo of him galloping a white horse. The funny thing is that he is in his PJ’s and slippers so that is how portrayed him. The little nightcap was my idea. Sorry Jorge. I also put him on a pull horse with wheels because it’s not as dangerous as a rocking horse. Names on the saddle- cloths pertain to their interests. Laffit Pincay was very instrumental in starting the Legends on Tour and would have competed if at all physically possible. I gave him a special place of honor waving the flag at the finish line.

2 sizes available.      12 x 24"     200 prints

                              18 x 36"     100 prints

Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Money back guarantee if returned within 30 days.
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