Horse Commission Payments

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Ships when painting is finished and payment is complete.
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Call for a quote at 650-593-3385After we come to agreeable terms on your commission, you can pay your down payment and final payments directly on this page. We require 50% up front and the final payment before shipping.

Prices depend upon size, background and composition. A painting of just the horse's head and shoulder and a plain background like in the lower left of the above collage is the least expensive. A full-body conformation painting is more. A racing painting like the Ascot  painting on the top right is the most expensive. All prices can be negotiated. I can do any size that you want. The below list is just a sample of how I try to estimate my prices.


The prices listed below are approximate and will give you an idea of how I price my commissions.


Size      Head and Shoulder      Whole body           Racing      Detailed Background        


14 x 16"        $1,000                  add   $300            add  $350               add  $400


16 x 20"        $1,200                  add   $400            add  $500               add  $500


18 x 24"        $1,600                  add   $600            add  $700               add  $650


24 x 30"        $2,200                 add   $800             add  $900               add  $800


24 x 36"        $2,700                add   $1.100          add  $1,200          add  $1,000

 Here an example of the way I would price the painting in the top right of the collage. The painting is 22 x 30" which isn't in my size list but I'll just estimate. 

 Size 22 x 30"    Base Price $2,000 + Racing Painting $800 + Detailed Background $750 + 4 additional horses (4 x $300) + $1,200     =    $4,750 total cost

 I do require 50% of the total payment upfront and the balance when the painting is finished. CA residents must pay sales tax. Prices don't include framing and we pay the shipping.


Once we agree on a design and painting is finished, I'll correct anything that needs to be corrected, but can't return the money. I wouldn't be able to sell the painting to anybody else.
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