Barbaro Dominates in the Derby

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Barbaro Dominates in the Derby, Giclee canvas prints

Not since the 1946 Kentucky Derby has there been a horse win by such a margin. Ridden by Edgar Prado, and trained by Michael Matz, Barbaro's six and a half length romp in the 2006 Derby looked like an afternoon gallop. All were looking ahead to the first Triple Crown winner in twenty eight years. Tragedy struck in the Preakness Stakes, when this would be king pulled up a hundred yards after the start. The powerful Barbaro had broken his right hind leg in this 131st running of the Preakness Stakes. Hopes were dashed, dreams crushed, and hearts broken. This painting commemorates Barbaro, a brave hero, who never was to realize his full potential on the racetrack. This champion is gone forever, but leaves behind him a legacy, unlike that of any horse before him. Barbaro's fan base continues to grow today.

5 sizes available.    14 x 11"      100 prints

                               20 x 16"      100 prints

                               30 x 24"        50 prints

                               40 x 32"         10 prints done on gallerywrap canvas with black edge. 

                                                      These don't need to be framed.                                                                                    

                               50 x 40"         10 prints done on gallerywrap canvas with black edge,

                                                      These don't need to be framed.


 Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

We did one more print of Barbaro, a side view of his head. To see it click HERE.

Money back guarantee if returned within 30 days.
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